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    Seoul Art Space Seogyo


    An art space for the interconnected art ecology in Hongdae

    The Seoul Art Space Seogyo is a cultural complex in Hongdae, created by remodeling a former sub-district office in 2009. The space has been run by the “joint operation team,” a public-private governance including artists and a government agency since 2013, offering various support programs for art scenes including new programs every year. The space includes an art coffee shop, an exhibition hall (first floor), a multipurpose space (basement), a seminar room (second floor).

    Image of Seoul Art Space Seogyo

    Major Project

    [Seogyo Artists Cooperative Group Arts Projects]

    Small Art Project Support Project ‘Soaek Da Com’

    The Project is to support small, but creative, cultural and artistic activities take place around the Hongdae area. We have made the art support process and requirements as simple as possible in order to improve complicated art support system as well as invaluable arts projects keep alive.

    Space Support Project ‘Share Project: Lab’

    Spaces (exhibition hall on 1st floor and multi-purpose facility underground) have been divided into many ‘labs’ for presentation/demonstration/production of creative, experimental projects. The labs are designed for a ‘space share project’ to provide opportunities to make ideas come true and boost seamless exchanges among artists of various disciplines who share the space.

    Unpublished Recording Support Project ‘Mi.Won.Chang.Go’

    This is a project to support new musicians. It plays unannounced/demo sound sources of new independent musicians, who have no opportunity to introduce their music to the public, in offline places throughout the year (Seogyo Art Center and cultural complex near Hongik University). It also provides them an opportunity to perform live. In addition, the artists are given support with things necessary to perform their music (album cover design, profile photo, live video clip) through one-to-one matching with artists in visual art field. A networking party is held so these independent musicians can meet people in the music industry and expand their network.

    Hongdae Area Space Cooperation Project

    We host roundtable meetings and forums as a venue for many different cultural complexes in the Hongdae area to introduce characteristics of their space to each other and discuss common issues, on the basis of which a collaboration festival is held later in the year.

    [SFAC Visual Arts Support Initiatives]

    First Arts Support

    The First Arts Support program aims to support fine arts activities of new rising artists across Seoul who have received no public support fund. Rising artists of visual arts are eligible for the support under this program covering not only creation of works, but also preliminary research for pure creative arts including seminars and workshops.

    Promising Artists Support Program (Visual Arts) 99℃

    The Promising Artists Support Program supports the production of experimental, unique artworks of potential visual artists who have been active for 10 years or less since their debut. Selected artists are given a variety of incubating programs including job-related expert critiques and technical workshops as well as physical aids such as funding and space in order to help the artists find an insight for their career and personal growth.
    *For more information about the support, see notices for the year.

    Artwork Support Program (Visual Arts)

    The Program is intended for visual artists or exhibition planners by supporting production funding and exhibition expenses.
    *For more information about the support, see notices for the year.

    Major Visual Artists Collection Publication Support Program

    The Program helps major artists record and organize into a collection of his or her entire works produced so far.
    *For more information about the support, see notices for the year.




    • 33 Jandari-ro 6-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

    For more information, call

    • +82-2-333-0246