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    Seoul Dance Center


    A creative space for dance art experimentation for new possibilities

    The Seoul Dance Center is a creative space for dance art, which opened as Hongeun Art Center in 2011 by converting the idle space left behind the West Road Traffic Office’s relocation, and then remodeled into a dedicated space for dance art in 2016. It is a space for the dance artist residency program to provide them with infrastructure for creative activity. The space is designed to promote artists and the public to experiment with a variety of possibilities together. The Center includes two studios, four practice rooms, six hostel rooms, and a community room.

    Image of Seoul Dance Center

    Major business

    1.Arts Creation Support

    – Supporting Initial Artist
      · This project provides support for rising artists who have just started artistic activities and have growth potential to do experimental and challenging creation.
    – Seoul Youth Arts Group
      · This project provides for young artist groups who have difficulty creating activities because of lack of money or opportunities and encourages them to expand artistic activities they haven’t perform before and to develop independence and capability.
    – Dot, the project supporting promising artists
      · This project supports creative activities of promising artists in the dance field who lead a new artistic trend after discovering them for encouraging their growth and strengthening their capabilities of creation.
    – Arts Support(Dance performances)
      · This project encourages artists and art groups to create works and tries to strengthen artistic capabilities of performance and art fields by discovering and fostering outstanding and potential dance works. It also supports repeat performance for promoting excellent creative activities and building the repertory system of great performances.
    – Supporting Company Residing in Theaters
      · This project is to build a stable environment for creative development through cooperation between theaters and dance company. It provides opportunity for dance companies to strengthen their capabilities of creating works and supports theaters to actively operate the space.

    2.Seoul International Choreography Workshop(SICW)

    Seoul International Choreography Workshop provides opportunities to study the latest choreographic trends, approaches, and discourses and providing opportunities to artists to put themselves on the map of the contemporary art scene. The contemporary artist and performing artists from various countries share their choreographic method and research

    3.OPEN CALL for Residency & Workshop

    Seoul Dance Center supports national and international artists who would like to do research and develop their work or to establish network with local artists through workshops.
    – Residency: Artists who would like to do research based on Seoul, Korea or develop their work
        Period: maximum 3 months
        SDC provides: accommodation, rehearsal room
    – Workshop: Artists who would like to hold their workshop and establish network with local artists
        SDC provides: accommodation, rehearsal room, and reward for workshops

    4.Space Research and Exchange for Dance(Space RED)

    Space RED is an international exchange program focusing on research of movement based on space. Seoul Dance Center will function as a global dance center which supports dance artists and artists involved in other fields through continuing deep cooperation with international organizations abroad.

    5.Dance Film Project TAKE#

    It is a project to produce Dance Film through collaboration between choreographer and film artist. Choreographers and film artists work through the Relay Teaching Workshop to share the knowledge of their area of ​​expertise in dance film production and produce Dance Films for each team.

    6.Webzine ‘Choomːin’

    The purpose of webzine is to create values for playing a role of a guide for the dance field, provide high quality information, promote selected dance works, secure the channels to distribute performance related information, and expand archiving functions. It functions as a new media in the dance field by planning and distributing contents for artists and audience in diverse fields as well as those who are involved in the dance field.
    – link:

    7.Venue Rental

    Seoul Dance Center provides rehearsal rooms and hostels with or without consideration to vitalize artists’ works.


    Classification Description
    Studio Black Exclusively for showcase for incubating. This black box shape studio has a stage curtain that allows a blackout. Lighting/sound system, dance floor, and folding seats for the audience are available.
    Studio White White cube shape space for diverse experiments. Available for rehearsals and presentations.
    Dance Rehearsal Room 3 Space for creation and rehearsal of dancers. Equipped with dance floor, grand piano, etc.
    Dance Rehearsal Room 4 Designed for personal rehearsals of individual dancers. Short and simple practice and showcases are possible with foam roller, stretching band, gym ball, massage ball, etc.
    Studio Plan Equipped with video editing and simple direct recording. Users can plan a creation here.
    Community Room Space for club activities and community programs for citizens.
    Dance Rehearsal Room 1 This room is of a 15mx15m square shape. Equipped with a table and chairs making it a versatile space for events and seminars.
    Dance Rehearsal Room 2 Space for creation and rehearsal of dancers. Equipped with dance floor, etc.
    Artist Room Provided for domestic and foreign artists. There are six locations in total, equipped with various facilities such as shared kitchen and laundry room.
    Cafe Lounge for citizens and artists
    • Open hours
      – 10:00-18:00
      – Closed for New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year’s Day, and Chuseok
      – Dance Rehearsal Rooms can be used until 22:00 with a prior approval.
      – Hostel facilities are accessible around the clock for Hostel users only.
    • Information on the use of shared equipment
      – Shared equipment and lounges are used free of charge, in principle, but consumables and repair due to careless uses are paid by the user.




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    • 14 Myeongji2-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

    For more information, call

    • +82-2-304-9100