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    Seoul Art Space Sindang


    A craft and design art space located in a traditional market

    The Sindang Creativity Arcade is a space for craft and design opened in 2009 located under the Jungang Market in Seoul. It provides a variety of programs that support creative activities of resident artists and the project linked with the market, building an infrastructure network for a broad range of exchanges focusing on neighboring areas including Dongdaemun and Eulji-ro. It supports various activities of resident artists with spaces such as 38 workshops and coworking spaces, an art market, a community room, and a photo studio.

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    Classification Description
    • Hold a show of art works created by artists in residence in collaboration with arts museums and organizations at home and abroad.
    • Support for promotion and production of art works.
    Marketing support
    (Market expansion)
    • Jointly take part in craft arts fairs (support for booth fees and promotion)
    • Offer capacity building trainings for artists in residence (portfolio creation workshop, etc.) and artists exchange programs.
    • Support promotion platform (website) development of artists in residence.
    Other projects
    • Planning and executing lectures in which tenant writers and citizens may participate.

    Info on Artist-in-Residence Program

    • Disciplines: crafts (ceramics, metal, textile, etc.) and others (design)
    • Period: 1 year or below
    • Benefits: one independent art studio, access to shared space and equipment, participation in creation support programs(craft arts fair/exhibition, capacity building programs), product development support programs.
    • Application: Invitation notices are posted at the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (SFAC) website.

    Venue Information

    • List of facilities 32 art studios, shared space (open workshop, photo studio, lounge, arts market, community room, etc.), and shared equipments (electric kiln, milling lathe, industrial sewing machine, etc.)




    • 87 Majang-ro Sindang Underground Shopping Center, Jung-gu, Seoul

    For more information, call

    • +82-2-2232-8833(8834 or 8835)

    Contact us