Gwanak Children’s Art Playground is a specialized immersive art playground for children built on the remodeled former Euncheon-dong administrative office in 2010. Over the years, it has established itself as a space that offers art-related experiences for children as well as parents, and a place that supports and aids the implementation of art education initiatives for artists. Gwanak Children’s Art Playground features a project room, a book cafe, and an outdoor rest space for various activities, including learning programs and various performances.

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Art and Playground

“Art and Playground” is a contest that supports artists looking to develop art-based games and immersive aesthetic learning programs for children using creative activities. With the “Art and Playground” initiative, children can experience a unique art education that focuses on the process rather than the outcome for creating art by actively participating in creative activities with supervising artists.

Art and Creative Theater

“Art and Creative Theater” allows children to participate in the play and interact directly with actors, which can help them experience art in an active manner, rather than participate passively in a more conventional uni-directional way, sitting in their seats. By observing the play, immersing themselves in the program, and using their imagination, children can develop their own creative way of thinking and emotional awareness to understand others better.

Art and Parents+

“Art and Parents+” is an art education program for parents that helps them grow by strengthening their parental capacities (emotional awareness, communication, etc.) and building stronger family ties through artistic activities and aesthetic experiences. It builds the foundation for a sustainable art education community for parents by addressing the social value of parenting.

Space-based Art Project

Based on the creative activities and works of contemporary artists, space-based art projects at Gwanak Children’s Art Playground provide art experiences in everyday life through independent playground spaces and art experiences. Thanks to some of its permanent projects, visitors to the Gwanak Children’s Art Playground can enjoy and experience art anytime they want.

Gwanak Steering Committee “With Mom”

“With Mom” is a local community featuring moms living in Gwanak-gu. Through independent project planning and operation, it works as a reliable supporter of the Gwanak Children’s Art Playground.

Infant and Toddler Art Project

Experts in the art field and early childhood education jointly develop entertaining and creative early childhood art experience programs to give children their first taste of art as children, and help them grow as complete and well-rounded human beings moving forward.




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