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    Seoul Dance Center


    The Seoul Dance Center is a space that utilizes on empty space due to the relocation of the previous Seobu Road Traffic Office. It was first opened as the Hongeun Art Creation Center in 2011 and has been operating as a space specializing in dance performances since 2016.
    As the only dance residency space in Seoul, it not only supports infrastructure for creative activities, but also operates a LAB series that experiments with various possibilities of dance art and collaborative programs with various dance institutions in South Korea and abroad. It also listens to voices from various subjects in the art scene, runs divers art programs in collaboration, and delivers new strories about the art scene’s current issues, trends, and expansion of the dance ecosystem through the webzine [choomin].

    Image of Seoul Dance Center

    Major Projects

    Seoul Dance Center RESIDENCY

    It is a open call program that supports a stable working environment for choreographers/dancers and provides various experimental opportunities to help artists expand their capabilities. The selected artists will receive an opportunity to use a dance rehearsal room and hostel as well as an allowance.

    Applicant Eligibility
    - A dance artist or group with Korean nationality, planning to research and develop works in Seoul
    - In the case of overseas residents, a person who has no reason to be disqualified from staying in South Korea
    - A person who has no other plans or activities to affect the residency of the Seoul Dance Center within the research period

    Exchanges and Cooperation

    The Seoul Dance Center is a hub space for the Koeran contemporary dance and runs collaborative projects with various national and international partnerships. Rather than one-time exchanges, we are constantly contemplating with our partner organizations how to support meaningful and productive exchanges from a long-term perspective, and we would like to be the space for dialogue and sharing between artists through various methods.

    Seoul Dance Center LAB Series

    The “LAB Series”, run by the Seoul Dance Center, is a platform for exchange and sharing that artists experiment, discuss, and develop various essential elements for art activities, such as choreography methodologies, ideas and research of artists, creative processes, and feedback.
    Artists’ ideas can be made into our programs, and we would like to provide opportunities to meet, exchange, and share with various artists in diverse formats, such as workshops, lectures, round table discussions, online and offline meet-ups, etc., that could be led to their creative opportunities.

    Webzine [Choomin]

    [Choomin] aims to capture the diverse voices of contemporary dance scenes, focusing on relevant information for experts and various issues taking place throughout the ecosystem for dance. We provide various perspectives for and inerpretations of dance community phenomena, taking place here and now.
    We review various perspectives on the society and ecosystems surrounding the dance community, and extend, connect, and discuss issues relevant to everyone. Finally, we focus on not only results, but also processes. We deliver both news about stages and the strories behind them. [Choomin] is a platform to creatively archive the voices of dancers as well as their lives and works. It is also a venue for communication.

    Space Rental

    The Seoul Dance Center is a specialized space for dance with a total of 12 rooms (2 dance studios, 4 dance rehearsal rooms, 6 hostel rooms), and a common space(lobby, community room, shared kitchen).
    To support a stable creative environment for dance artists, we rent space at little or no cost.


    Classification Description
    Studio Black Exclusively for showcase for incubating. This black box shape studio has a stage curtain that allows a blackout. Lighting/sound system, dance floor, and folding seats for the audience are available.
    Studio White White cube shape space for diverse experiments. Available for rehearsals and presentations.
    Dance Rehearsal Room 3 Space for creation and rehearsal of dancers. Equipped with dance floor, grand piano, etc.
    Dance Rehearsal Room 4 Designed for personal rehearsals of individual dancers. Short and simple practice and showcases are possible with foam roller, stretching band, gym ball, massage ball, etc.
    Community Room Space for various activities and meetings
    Dance Rehearsal Room 1 This room is of a 15mx15m square shape. Equipped with a table and chairs making it a versatile space for events and seminars.
    Dance Rehearsal Room 2 Space for creation and rehearsal of dancers. Equipped with dance floor, etc.
    Artist Room Provided for domestic and foreign artists. There are six locations in total, equipped with various facilities such as shared kitchen and laundry room.
    Cafe Lounge for citizens and artists



    • 14 Myeongji2-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

    For more information, call

    • +82-2-304-9100