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    Daehakro Practice Room


    A creative and practice space located on Daehakro

    The Daehakro Studio was created to support primarily theater art by leasing a privately owned building in 2005. The Studio has four practice rooms essential for creative work in performance art and a multipurpose room for discussion and information sharing. Located at the heart of Daehakro with many theaters, the Studio is highly accessible, allowing both practices and performances.

    Image of Daehakro Practice Room

    Easy accessibility

    Daehakro houses so many performance art groups that they have been made easily accessible.

    Inexpensive rental fees

    Standard rental fees range from 15,000KW (minimum) to 28,000KW (maximum).

    Friendly and roomy spaces

    Various spaces in different sizes (from 116㎡ to 182㎡) are prepared.

    Convenient subsidiaries

    Diverse convenient facilities such as seminar rooms, reading rooms and a shower room are prepared.




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    • 117 Dongsung-gil, Hanseok Bldg, 1stFloor,Jongno-gu,Seoul

    For more information, call

    • +82-2-747-7805