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    Seoul Theater Center


    A hub that offers a distinctly Seoul-styled creative theater ecosystem.
    The Seoul Theater Center is a specialized theater space located on Daehak-ro. It opened in 2007 inside the remodeled former Hyehwa-dong administrative office. The space is currently undergoing remodeling, and is expected to reopen during the first half of 2022. As such, the Center is operating out of a temporary office on Changgyeonggung-ro to support the creative endeavors of theater artists to further stabilize the theater ecosystem. The Center is also acting as a communication channel between professionals and artists in the theater field and their audience with its exclusive webzine. The Center features an academy room for workshops, training, and conferences as well as other administrative facilities.

    Image of Seoul Theater Center

    Opening Hours

    Mon~Fri - 9:00~18:00

    The 1st floor

    Information of performances held in Daehak-ro and guidance service about theaters are provided and information of performances can be checked through prepared leaflets and computers for searching. Visitors can freely read books and magazines which are related to theater, culture, and art and borrow books after joining the membership.

    Gallery for promoting performances

    Leaflets about performances held in Daehak-ro and other areas in Seoul, categorized from A to D zone, are prepared for visitors to easily find so that they can select a performance.

    Ticket Booth

    Tickets for the shows of the day are sold at a discounted price.
    (Business owner of the ticket system: 대학로티켓.com)

    • Business Hours : Tue ~ Fri. 13:00~20:00 / Sat. 12:00~20:00 / Sunday & Holidays. 12:00~19:00
      (Closed on Monday)
    • Tel. : 02-742-3802

    Currently, the ticket booth is temporarily inactive.

    Computer for searching performance information

    There are three computers for searching performance information via the homepage of Seoul Theater Center and online data and one computer exclusive for the disabled.

    Reading and borrowing books

    Visitors can freely read books and magazines which are related to theater, culture, and art and borrow books after joining the membership.
    – Searching materials owned by the Data Center
      · Visitors can search materials such as books and magazines owned by the Data Center.
    – Searching and printing out materials in the DB of the National Assembly Library
      · Visitors can read and print out theses and articles owned by the National Assembly Library in the Data Center of Seoul Theater Center without visiting the library.
    – Lending service
      · Lending books related to theater and art (Three books per person for 14 days) A staff member in the Data Center issues a book card when a user visits the center with ID card and a photo after joining the membership of Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture.
    ※ Donated books and periodicals cannot be lent.

    The 2st floor

    Spaces are provided for theater related groups to run educational and learning programs, read scripts together, have workshops and meetings for planning, etc.

    Academy Room (103.66㎡)

    The room is used for PLAY-UP Academy, an educational program, etc., and lent on a paid basis for theater-related groups to run educational and learning programs and have showcases, production press conferences, forums, seminars, etc. Applying for lending the room can be done via the homepage of Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture.

    Seminar Room (31.5㎡)

    The room is lent for free for theater-related groups to have meetings for planning , small-sized seminars (within 12 persons), etc. Applying for lending the room can be done via the homepage of Seoul Theater Center.

    Major business

    Key Initiatives

    PLAY-UP Academy

    As a re-education program to strengthen the capacity of professional theater artists actively performing in the field, the PLAY-UP Academy provides a place for professional training and exchange of theater artists by providing curriculums tailored to different on-stage techniques, such as movement, speech, and text analysis.

    PLAY-UP Academy - Curriculum 2020

    Lecture Playwriting Class - Creative Drama Production Workshop
    Lecturer Kim Eun-seong (Playwright)
    Information The creative process of writing and developing a play. A workshop where you can learn the basics of playwriting through a variety of writing exercises for creating plays, and write creative plays with the aim of actually bringing them onto the stage rather than keeping them as practice pieces.
    Target Up-and-coming new playwrights with up to five years of professional experience
    Lecture Acting Techniques Designed through Physical Actions
    Lecturer Kang Ryang-won (Director)
    Information A workshop where actors and staff interested in and researching various acting techniques can gather to practice physical acting skills and identify useful acting skills through in-depth discussions.
    Target Actors and staff currently active in the field
    Lecture Composition Techniques for Directing
    Lecturer Kang Ryang-won (Director)
    Information A workshop to develop different stage composition techniques, such as the event composition method, the dual composition method, the text composition method, etc.
    Target Actors and staff currently active in the field
    Lecture Specific Acting Coaching using 12 Cranial Nerves and Special Senses
    Lecturer Jackie Chang(Director, Neuroscience and Arts Department at Busan Good Moonhwa Hospital)
    Information Structural identification and physical application of 12 cranial nerves, acting coaching using 12 nerves and sensory, motor, and cognitive stages, neuroscience theory based on tragedy, philosophy, and imagination.
    Target Actors and directors currently active in the field
    Lecture Choreography
    Lecturer Jeong Yeong-doo (Choreographer)
    Information A workshop aimed at delivering an objective view of one’s body using gravity, relaxation techniques, breathing, and weight, to learn about the principles of forms and movement around the body, and to help artists create their own choreographies.
    Target Performing arts professionals with at least three years of experience
    Lecture Production Guide for Barrier-Free Performances
    Lecturer Kang Nae-yeong (Screen Commentator)
    Information A workshop that offers guidelines to help make performances barrier-free and become universally applicable in design. It explores ways to enjoy culture and art together, regardless of disability or physical limitations.
    Target Actors, directors, performing arts professionals, etc. interested in producing barrier-free programs
    Lecture For a Free Voice
    Lecturer Kim Hye-ri (Professor, Kookmin University)
    Information A workshop to train and build a more flexible, clear, and lively voice. It covers aspects such as the sensory awareness of breathing and body, physical perception of the space within the body, a voice that freely connects thoughts and impulses, training for the space through which the sound passes, training for resonant areas, awareness and resolution of habitual, vocal, psychological, and physical limitations that occur when acting.
    Target Actors with at least three years of professional acting experience
    Lecture Connection between Time, Space, and Body - Viewpoint 1
    Lecturer Kim Shin-rok (Actor)
    Information A workshop that identifies and trains the invisible connection between oneself, oneself and others, oneself and time, and oneself and space based on the Viewpoint method.
    Target Actors, theater artists, stage performers

    Webzine PLAY:in

    The Seoul Theater Center publishes its web-based communication channel - “Webzine PLAY:in” - on the first and third Thursdays of each month. With a diverse range of rich content, including “conversations” with people on the wish lists of many theater professionals, “reviews” from fresh and different perspectives, “On-Scene” that directly captures the world of performing arts in the field, and “Play” by playwrights, PLAY:in is an open space for comments, review ratings on various performances, and a communication outlet between theater professionals and their audience.

    Daehakro Practice Room

    It provides spaces including four practice facilities and a multi-purpose room necessary for production, such as performance practice, script reading, workshops, and planning meetings for various theater groups.




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    • Azalea Myeongryun (1) 2F, 253-1, Changgyeonggung-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul

    For more information, call

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