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    Seoul Theater Center


    Seoul’s Hub of Theater Creation Ecosystem
    Formerly used as the Community Service Center for Hyehwa-dong, Seoul Theater Center has been a specialized creation space for theater in Daehak-ro since its remodeling and reopening in 2007. Another round of remodeling work is still ongoing, and the facility is scheduled to reopen in November 2022. A temporary office facility is located in Changgyeonggung-ro, as the center contributes to the stabilization of the theater ecosystem and helps the creative activities of theater artists while serving as a window of communication connecting theater artists and the audience through a webzine. The facility is composed of office space for the operation of the Seoul Theater Center and the Academy Room, which is used as a meeting space.

    Image of Seoul Theater Center


    Mon~Fri - 9:00~18:00

    Facilities by floors (tentative)
    Ground floor: Performance information service, book reading/rental, recreation area
    2nd floor: Academy Room, Seminar Room, Shared Lab
    3rd floor: White Box
    4th floor: Administration Office

    Major business

    Our Programs

    PLAY-UP Academy

    A re-education program for active professional theater artists to enhance their capabilities. The program covers movement, conversation, text analysis, and other areas that are essential on stage, providing a venue for theater artists to enhance their professional skills and build human networks.

    PLAY-UP Academy - 2021 Regular Course Curriculum

    Name of the Course Play Writing Course - Script Creation Workshop
    Instructor Eunsung Kim (play writer)
    Introduction A creative workshop intended for relatively newer play writers within five years from their debut to train them in writing longer dramas and develop more skills.
    This course is for Rookie play writers within five years from their debuts as writers or performers
    Name of the Course Detailed acting coaching using twelve brain nerves and special senses
    Instructor Jakie Kang (President, Neuro-science Art Center, Busan Good Moonwha Hospital)
    Introduction A workshop for studying the changes in the body based on the theories of neuroscience, including the special senses and the general senses.
    This course is for Currently active actors or directors
    Name of the Course Designing acting skills with bodily motions
    Instructor Ryangwon Kang (director)
    Introduction A workshop to perform acting skills involving bodily motions and find the right acting skills for you through discussion
    This course is for Currently active actors or staff
    Name of the Course The Techniques of Directing and Thinking
    Instructor Jahye Goo (Director, play writer)
    Introduction A workshop program where contemporary directors share, discuss and develop their directing skills and ideas.
    This course is for Directors with at least three years of experience
    Name of the Course Freedom in Vocalization
    Instructor Hyeri Kim (Professor, Kookmin University)
    Introduction A workshop that teaches the relationship between the body and voice, breathing at will, vibration, and the path of voice, while training the participants to respond to ideas, impulses, and emotions effectively.
    This course is for Actors with at least three years of experience
    Name of the Course The Connection between the Time, Space, and Body – View Point
    Instructor Shinrok Kim (actor)
    Introduction A workshop to classify, identify and test the factors that affect the basic process of acting through the base terms of View Point and philosophy
    This course is for Actors, theater artists, stage performing artists
    Name of the Course Trying out Choreography
    Instructor Yeongdu Jeong (choreographer)
    Introduction A process of learning and sharing information on choreography, including bodily expressions and the making of motions through theories, presentations, discussions.
    This course is for Performing-art related professionals with at least three years of experience

    Webzine PLAY:in

    The online magazine for theater, ‘PLAY:in,’ is issued twice a month, on Thursdays. The webzine provides a variety of content, including the ‘Conversation’ with the people whom theater artists wish to meet, ‘Feature Articles’ discussing theater-related issues in-depth, ‘Review’ that provides a variety of perspectives, ‘Field’ that covers the performing art industry, and ‘Scripts’ by play writers. The webzine also allows the readers to leave comments and recommend their shows freely, serving as the window to connect theater artists and the audience.

    Daehakro Practice Room

    We provide the space for drama teams to practice their shows, read scripts, hold workshops or meetings for production, etc. Our available spaces include the four practice rooms in Daehak-ro.




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    • Azalea Myeongryun (1) 2F, 253-1, Changgyeonggung-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul


    • +82-2-743-9333