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    Seoul Theater Center


    Seoul’s Hub of Theater Creation Ecosystem
    Formerly used as the Community Service Center for Hyehwa-dong, Seoul Theater Center has been a specialized creation space for theater in Daehak-ro since its remodeling and reopening in 2007. It has a lounge that provides theater information, a multi-purpose room for artists, a studio and seminar rooms.

    Image of Seoul Theater Center


    ▶ Office
    MON~FRI 9:00~18:00
    ▶ Facilities
    TUE~FRI 11:00~20:00
    SAT~SUN 11:00~19:00
    ※ Closed on Monday and national holidays

    Classification Description
    Lounge Lounge for general public

    - Available for free without reservation
    - 178㎡
    Community Room Shared office for artists

    - Available for free without reservation
    - 58㎡
    Seminar Room Space for meetings or discussions

    - Available with reservation
    - 16㎡
    Multipurpose Room Space for creation, workshop and rehearsal of artists

    - Available with reservation
    - 99㎡
    Studio Space for diverse experiments

    - 196㎡

    Major business

    Our Programs

    PLAY-UP Academy

    A re-education program for active professional theater artists to enhance their capabilities. The program covers movement, conversation, text analysis, and other areas that are essential on stage, providing a venue for theater artists to enhance their professional skills and build human networks.

    Webzine PLAY:in

    The online magazine for theater, ‘PLAY:in,’ is issued twice a month, on Thursdays. The webzine provides a variety of content, including the ‘Conversation’ with the people whom theater artists wish to meet, ‘Feature Articles’ discussing theater-related issues in-depth, ‘Review’ that provides a variety of perspectives, ‘Field’ that covers the performing art industry, and ‘Scripts’ by play writers. The webzine also allows the readers to leave comments and recommend their shows freely, serving as the window to connect theater artists and the audience.



    • 3, Daemyeong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul


    • +82-2-743-9333