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    Seoul Street Arts Creation Center


    Seoul Street Arts Creation Center is the one-and-only venue for experiments in Street Arts and Contemporary Circus in Korea

    Where diverse works of street arts are developed, artists who will boldly encounter citizens are trained, and the foundation of culture is nurtured to take root in numerous streets of Seoul The center is a base camp where street arts blooms to spread everywhere for everyone to enjoy.

    Year of 2012

    Begin to find a new way to reutilize the space due to the newly established intake station A suggestion to make it to a specialised space in Street Arts and Circus has been made by a wide variety of professionals Research to draw up a plan had begun Showcases took place in the area to test its suitability

    Year of 2013

    Operate several exemplary programs to find suitable contents for the area Hear the opinions from performers and experts about how to divide the various parts of the whole area Run ‘Open Studio’ twice Do the depth research for operating and management plan

    Year of 2014.1.~2015. 4.

    Design and Construct
    Design for first remodeling work (Feb.~Aug., Seoul City)
    First remodeling work started (Sept.~, Seoul City)
    Preparation for operation (Nov.~, consigned to Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture)

    SSACC Open on April 24, 2015

    Rebirth to BASECAMP for Street Arts and Circus

    Image of Seoul Street Arts Creation Center

    SSACC Programmes

    Prospects and Goal

    Public Basecamp for Street Arts & Circus

    To Function a national platform for the artists as the first venue Street Arts and Circus in south korea To facilitate cultural exchange among other countries To aim at making an efficient circle of educationproduction-practice-distribution

    Support for Creative Activities

    36 Street Arts and 11 Circus performances Supported Between 2014 and 2018

    Through subsidy, building a creative environment for continuous production of works as well as search and support for production of street arts works as public arts that can be performed in various venues (domestic / foreign festivals and urban public spaces)

    Development and support for creation of circus or performing arts works linked with circus to help promote the genre of contemporary circus performance and creation of circus works in Korea


    Fostering Professionals in Street Arts

    Expands the basis of the Street Arts Generates virtuous circulation in arts ecosystem Helps to stand on artists’ own feet based on the ability

    Fostering Professionals in Circus

    Dig out emerging circus artists and retraining artists from others Vitalize Korea’s contemporary circus Do away with stereotypes about circus in Korea and give the chance to enjoy it

    Arts Education Programmes

    Give a chance to experience circus for students Learn harmony, balance and cooperation with circus


    Season Programme

    Give a chance for the public to meet and enjoy street arts & Circus at a space of daily life such as a park, plaza or underground station Run the programme in spring and early autumn to give a chance for the artists to show their performances during not-festival seasons

    Street Arts Exhibition Tour

    Increase the interest and improve the comprehension in the Street Arts and Circus Archive the traces of Street Arts in Korea

    SSACC Briefing

    Open Studio to share the achievements of the SSACC with citizens

    International Exchange and Networking

    Promotion of International Exchange and Networking

    Promotes the creation and distribution of Street Arts and Circus Operates exchange projects in and out of Korea to share practical information

    CNAC(Centre National des Arts du cirque)
    La Cascade(Pôle National des Arts du Cirque)
    BALTHAZAR(Arts Center Du Cirque)
    La Verrire(Pôle National des Arts du Cirque Occitanie)

    ENC(École Nationale de Cirque)

    Circus OZ

    CAN _ Circus Asia Network

    “We would love to meet people who work in a circus institution or organization in Asia. Through this preliminary meeting, we will discuss a way how to extend the international circus network to Asia and promote the revitalization of the Asia contemporary circus.”

    2017. 12. 14.~15.,a
    Pre-meeting for Asia Contemporary Circus Network
    Seoul (SSACC)
    Cambodia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan

    2018. 5. 11.~13.,a
    Meeting for Asian Contemporary Circus Network
    Seoul (SSACC & Oil Culture Tank Park)
    Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Taiwan

    2018. 9. 14.~16.,a
    Next meeting for Asian Contemporary Circus
    Network “CAN”
    Festival “SETO LA PISTE”

    2019. 5. 4.~7.,a
    Launching ‘CAN’ and Seoul Circus Forum 2019 Seoul Circus Festival

    International co-creation project participated by more than two Asian countries

    Production touring created in Asia boundary Sharing when we invite non-Asian creative projects *Focusing on theaters, festival, etc.

    Sharing the education programs and know-how Running an exchange program together for instructors and young artists in various circus disciplines Co-Invitation when we invite circus instructors from non-Asian countries *For professionals and non-professionals

    Sharing Resources and Information
    Making an online platform to share resources and information Holding a regular meeting to develop the network and circus studies




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    • 710 Achasan-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul

    For more information, call

    • +82-2-3437-0099