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    West Seoul Arts Center for Learning


    A cultural space for the development and dissemination of the content in the theatrical arts for youths and children

    The West Seoul Arts Education Center is the Korea’s first art education center for children and adolescents, created by remodeling a pumping station in 2016. The Center develops the content for distinctive play art to realize “rights to play with art” of children and adolescents, and provides it to schools and communities in the southwest region of Seoul. The Center includes three educational studios, a play art research lab, and a media lab as a space for exhibitions and experiential activities.

    Image of West Seoul Arts Center for Learning

    Information on facilities

    Facility Area Location Number of Rooms Use Auxiliary facilities
    & furnishings
    Studio A 50.46 (m2) 2nd floor 1 Education, experience, etc. Projector and wooden floor
    Studio B 49.91 (m2) 2nd floor 1 Education, experience, etc. Projector, table and chairs
    Studio C 47.61 (m2) 1st floor 1 Education, experience, etc. Projector, table and chairs
    Media LAB 154.8 (m2) 1st floor 1 Education, performance, exhibition, seminar, etc Lighting, sound system, projector, etc.
    (outdoor education space)
    2688 (m2) Outside 1 Education, play, event, etc.
    TA Lab 30.2 (m2) 1st floor 1 Research, meeting, etc. Computer, printer, table and chairs
    Preparation Room 32.2 (m2) 1st floor 1 Preparation of teaching materials, etc.

    Open hours

    Monday – Saturday: 9:00-18:00
    Closed on Sunday, and public holidays
    ※ Open hours are subject to change depending on a program.




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    • 2 Nambusunhwan-ro 64-gil, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul

    For more information, call

    • +82-2-2697-2600