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    About Us

    The Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture(SFAC)

    SFAC brings more attractions to the city with Arts and more joy to citizens with Culture through the promotion of diverse creative activities for all.

    SFAC is a non-profit public organization established and funded by the Seoul Metropolitan Government(SMG).

    Image of The Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

    Image of The Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

    Turning Seoulites into Artists

    The creation of culture and arts support

    • Support to create outstanding art content
    • Support to foster professional art companies and artists
    • Support to single out and elevate promising youths

    The operation of culture and arts spaces

    • Seoul Dance Center
    • Seoul Theater Center
    • Seoul Citizens Hall
    • Seoul Art Space Seogyo
    • Seoul Art Space Geumcheon
    • Seoul Art Space Sindang
    • Seoul Art Space Yeonhui
    • Seoul Art Space Mullae
    • Seoul Art Space Jamsil
    • Daehakro Practice Room
    • Seoul Street Arts Creation Center
    • West Seoul Arts Center for Learning
    • Samilro Changgo Theater
    • Seoul Artists’ Governance Platform
    • Seoul Artists' Platform_New&Young
    • Seoul Art Education Center
    • SFAC theater QUAD