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    Seoul Creative Engagement wit Arts

    “Beyond Arts Education, Toward Aesthetic Engagement” From Education to Experience

    Principle Directions

    Seoul Creative Engagement with the Arts(SEA) encompasses all arts education and experiential arts programs carried out by SFAC. SEA is based on the belief that experiential arts can inspire fundamental changes in people’s lives by enhancing their sensibility, empathy and critical thinking. SEA pursues an experience-oriented and creative engagement with arts to encourage a deeper appreciation of arts and aesthetics in everyday life, and to invite people to new possibilities of learning by sharing artistic processes of thought and practice.

    Goals & Objectives

    To build a leading and creative governance structure for creative arts education To provide more opportunities of culture and arts education to transform Seoulites into civic citizens To nurture Teaching Artists as facilitators to realize socially-contributive arts education To strengthen and develop an arts-integrated curricula and arts education in public schools

    Seoul Creative Engagement with Arts: 3C Values

    Principle Directions

    Principle Directions

    Principle Directions