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    Partnership for Arts

    Bringing Change Through Arts Together!

    Goals and Directions for Supporting Art

    As a fundraiser in which businesses and citizens can engage by making donations, SFAC is making continuous efforts to strengthen networks with businesses and other public sectors through arts and culture, and to ‘renew Seoul with arts and ensure that everyone is delightful through culture’ by promoting active cooperation with all sectors of society.

    Seoul Mecenat Alliance

    With top-class professionalism and best network in arts and culture, SFAC stands as the strategic cultural management partner to businesses. By strategically combining core corporate competences with SFAC’s arts infrastructure, and carrying out differentiated arts partnership programs, SFAC aims to create a synergy for corporate growth, further the expansion of artistic values, and gain public support.

    Seoul Mecenat Initiative

    The Seoul Mecenat Initiative is a support program that the SFAC is promoting for ‘Public-Private Partnership in Arts.’ SFAC supports the activities of arts groups by properly allocating donations received from businesses to arts groups.

    Arts Donation Campaign

    The arts donation campaign ‘Shall We Donate?’ aims to spread ‘donations for art’ to the public and strengthen support for excellent art programs. The campaign encourages artists and their projects by making full use of the valuable support from citizens by transforming our society from a culture of insiders to a culture of donors. Taking a step further, ‘Shall We Donate’ is a creative model for arts donation that will add beauty to our lives and happiness to the society.

    Goals and Directions for Supporting Art