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    Cultural Exchanges of Organizations

    The Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture (SFAC) seeks to contribute to domestic and global expansion of Korean artists and arts organizations in partnership with outstanding culture and arts organizations around the globe. Taking into account a creative space-based exchange between organizations by discipline, global trends in arts and culture and Seoul’s international exchange policy, the SFAC endeavors to find new partner organizations each year.

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    Partner Organization for 2016: PMQ, Hong Kong

    Asia’s representative culture and arts platform Hong Kong is a city state friendly to exchanges of artists and culture and arts contents. Under the MOU signed with PMQ at Soho in the heart of Hong Kong on March 24, 2006, the SFAC has undertaken a number of collaborative projects including international symposium, visits of artists to two cities, and participation in popup stores.
    PMQ was once a housing facility for married policemen. In 2014, it was renovated into a cultural complex for up-and-coming artists under the initiative of the Hong Kong government. Today, there are more than 110 craft artists and design artists in residence at PMQ, and thanks to its location at Soho in the heart of Hong Kong, it provides easy access to tourists as well as citizens of the city state, gaining popularity as a venue for a range of culture and arts projects like exhibitions, showcases, and workshops.

    1) International Symposium Social Regeneration – The Effects of Creativity Engagement co-hosted.

    • Date/Place: Aug 19, 2016 / PMQ Qube, Hong Kong
    • Description: Cases of integrating creativity and uniqueness of arts into urban regeneration and their social value were examined with a focus on Seoul and Hong Kong, exploring directions and possibilities of collaboration for the future.
    • Participants: over 100 including officials from Hong Kong’s Leisure and Cultural Services Department, culture and arts organizations, stakeholders in the academia including the University of Hong Kong, and local journalists.

    2) Participated in the 2016 Creative Space Festival Sensible Realty

    • Time: Sept 7-11, 2016
    • Place: Seoul Citizens Hall
    • Description: Three artist teams in residence at PMQ (FABcessories, POMCH, Oecoeco) took part in creative space festival booth and presentations.

    3) Popup Store of Artists in Residence of Seoul Art Space_Sindang, A Creative Arcade in PMQ

    • Time: Oct 21 – 30, 2016
    • Place: PMQ S207, Hong Kong
    • Description: Works of 25 artists in residence of Seoul Art Space_Sindang, A Creative Arcade in craft and design disciplines such as metal craft, ceramics, textile craft, and design were showcased and sold to citizens of Hong Kong.

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