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    Seoul Art Space Mullae


    An artistic platform of creation encompassing the contemporary experimental arts

    Seoul Art Space Mullae opened in 2010 as a creative space, free from the barriers of genres and supporting various free, contemporary, experimental arts. The foundation has assisted in discovering many creators, planners, and critiques in various fields, such as music and sound art, and has established itself as a diversified creative platform. It has various multi-purpose spaces, including the Blackbox Theater and the Exhibition Room, where projects can be produced and presented.

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    Major business


    BENXT is a strategic art production support program that builds creative capabilities and promotes the development of artists and groups in applicable genres so that they can bring forth new trends in the art industry in bold and unique ways. It is based in Seoul Art Space Mullae as a part of the old Promising Art Support Program.

    Special Project for Music and Sound Art <Sounds On>

    This project aims to support artists, planners, researchers, and critics currently active in the fields of experimental music and sound art. It aspires to present the direction of the “Special Project for Music and Sound Art” by providing opportunities for artists and artist groups to show multidisciplinary projects based on music and sound art. Moreover, the project seeks ways to support various actors in the art ecosystem in the long-term. Moving forward, the project will look to promote exchanges between players in the international music and sound art scenes.


    Facility Floor Description
    Gallery M30 1 White Cube Gallery for exhibiting various artworks.
    Box Theater 2 Used for performance rehearsal and presentation and equipped with stage, lighting and sound system as well as dressing room and waiting room.
    Recording Studio 3 Intended for sound recording and equipped with Protools HD and Cubase.
    (※No full-time engineers, operators available)
    • Space for sound recording and recording production
    • AVID, MOTU interface available.
    Video Editing Suite 3 For digital video editing.
    • Final Cut Studio 3, Adobe Production Premium CS5
    • Equipped with video editing equipment including HD Tape deck, HD camera, etc.
    Seminar Room 4 Designed for exchanges, seminars and workshops of artists and planners. Tables and chairs are available.
    • Space for exchanges, seminars and workshops of artists/planners
    • Tables/chairs(for 10 persons), beam projector/screen
    Classification Time Fee (KRW) Maximum
    rental period
    Box Theater For rehearsal Morning 15,000 1 month
    Afternoon 20,000
    Evening 20,000
    1 day 150,000
    Rehearsal, setup, removal, etc. 2 weeks
    Performance 1 day 200,000
    For setup, removal, shooting(film), etc. 1 day 20,000 1 month
    For exhibition 1 day 50,000 2 week
    Recording Studio
    (operator not included)
    Morning 20,000 1 month
    Afternoon 30,000
    Evening 30,000
    Video Editing Suite Morning 5,000 1 month
    Afternoon 5,000
    Evening 5,000
    Night 10,000

    ※ V.A.T excluded.
    ※ Shared equipments and display systems and lounges are used free of charge, in principle, but consumables and repair due to careless uses are paid by the user.

    • Open hours
      – Year long (except for New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year’s Day, and Chuseok)
      – 09:00~22:00 (application needed in advance for uses at night)




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    • 5-4 Gyeongin-ro 88-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

    For more information, call

    • +82-2-2676-4300