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    Seoul Art Space Jamsil


    Seoul Art Space Jamsil opened in 2007 as the first creative studio for disabled visual artists in Korea. With its regular call for projects every year, Seoul Art Space Jamsil selects 12 resident artists and provides dedicated workspaces. It also offers capacity building workshops and expert matching programs that can help artists grow in terms of their artistic capabilities.
    Furthermore, Seoul Art Space Jamsil carries out various projects under its “We Are Linked” initiative (collaborative culture and art project for disabled and non-disabled artists) designed to create a society where artists and the public can overcome various barriers hindering disabled artists so that they can interact with the public and all people can come together to enjoy art.
    So, please join us in our movement with the “We Are Linked” initiative.

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    Major business

    Project for disabled and non-disabled people “We Are Linked”

    The “We Are Linked” project aims to create an environment where disabled and non-disabled people can coexist in harmony through culture and art.
    It is also a public project that works toward building a society where disabled and non-disabled people live together without fear of discrimination due to any “differences” stemming from disabilities.
    The project envisions a society that respects the value of “difference” through art, and it hopes to lay a foundation for creative works that allows everyone to participate – regardless of physical or mental capacities.

    Culture and Art Open Forum

    The Culture and Art Open Forum forms a discourse surrounding the coexistence of disabled and non-disabled people, and offers more opportunities to create and enjoy art by disabled artists. It gathers the voices and opinions of various parties from everyday life and creative fields, explores the value of art by disabled artists, and works as a network to promote art by disabled artists. Overall, the Forum is a place to explore and build the future of culture and art beyond conventional barriers demarcating disabled and non-disabled people.

    Resident Artist Support Program, “Good Morning Studio”

    With its regular call for projects every year, Seoul Art Space Jamsil selects 12 resident artists and provides dedicated workspaces for its “Good Morning Studio” program. Seoul Art Space Jamsil also offers expert matching programs that help critique the artist’s creations, and hosts creative workshops as well as special exhibitions featuring artists working in a variety of fields to support the artistic growth of resident artists

    Creative Support Program for Disabled Children, “Project A”

    “Project A” is a one-on-one art mentoring program for disabled children with artistic talent and potential. It promotes the potential of inclusive art and builds public consensus on its potential with various special exhibitions.

    Support Project to Stimulate Creative Activities of Disabled Artists

    This project creates a stable artistic ecosystem environment for disabled artists by supporting the production and presentation of works for artists with disabilities across Seoul.

    Co-creation Workshop for Disabled and Non-disabled Artists

    This is a collaborative project between disabled and non-disabled artists that promotes cultural diversity by expanding the concepts of creativity and empathy with experimental co-creation models between former and current resident artists in four creative spaces managed by the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture.




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    • Inside the Sports Complex at 25 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul

    For more information, call

    • +82-2-423-6674~5